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Yeong Ran Suh is a choreographer and artistic researcher based in Seoul and CopenhagenSuh has conducted extensive research on ancient beliefs, traditional dances, rituals and Asia’s modernization and has created multifaceted dance performances based on an anthropological investigation. Her major works include I Confess My Faith(2012), The God of the Earth Comes Up Imperfectly(2013), The Death of Vagina(2015) and Floating Bottle Project(2016–2019). By comparing the fixed views of contemporary society with the traditional worldviews and cosmologies of indigenous people, Suh attempts to broaden our views and expand the possibility of thinking and living in different ways. She is a member of Becoming Species,” a performance climate activist group, and an artistic researcher for various projects in regard to ‘ecology’, ‘art & ageing’ and ‘ancestral tradition’. 

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  1. Master’s degree, ‘Religious Roots of Europe‘, Theology Faculty, University of Copenhagen. Thesis <The application of Harta Sepencharian (Adat, pre-Islamic, matriarchic custom) in Sharia Court of Malay Muslims>; The historical rendering of customary law and Islamic law into the modern legal system during colonial & postcolonial era.

2011. Master’s degree in Fine art, Choreography, Korea National University of Art

2007. Double bachelor’s degrees in Fashion & Textile and Modern Dance, Ewha Womans University, Minored Philosophy



2022.        <Death of Vagina: Mythmaking Voices>, Korea National Contemporary Dance Company

2020.        <Voice of Sila>, Curated and Commissioned by Kim Junghyun (Greenroom)

2017~ 9    <Floating Bottle Project> collaboration with Natuko Tezuka & Venuri Perera, support by Saison Foundation

2015.        <The Death of Virgina> support by Korea National Contemporary Dance Company ‘Archive Platform’

2015.       <One Spot Adventure> support by NamJunPaik Art Center- ‘Random Access’ Exhibition

2014. 1.    <The Basic Application>, Dramaturgy, Korean National Dance Company, Haneul Theater

2014.       <The prettier will be tomorrow> support by Korean Art Council, performed in AYAF, MT. INWANG Exhibition, Fukuoka Nora Festival, Leeum Museum, 19min Performance Relay

2013.       <The God of Earth Comes up Imperfectly> support by Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture, performed in Festival Bo;m/Mullae Art Factory/Festival Tokyo/Sunchon Don Quixote Art Space/ Culture Station Seoul Exhibition/Salon de Factory

2012.         <I Confess my Faith>, presented by Festival Bo;m, Nam-Jun Paik Art Center

2011. 11.   <Never ending Story- Dangsan village tour performance>, support by Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture

2011. 8.     <Look Down on>, presented by ‘Whale Diver Exhibition’ of the National drama company of Korea


Participation in Project

2021. 11.   <Skymningen>, choreographed by Mårten Spångberg, OB:Scene Festival | Dancer

2021. 9~  <Sensing Old Age: Assistive Living Technologies for Elder>, Anthropology department, University of Copenhagen | Artist Researcher

2021. 4~6.  <HØST>, Recoil Performance Group | Documentation & Choreography Assistant

2020~     Climate Activism Performance Collective, ‘Becoming Species’, Extinction Rebellion’s activism, Amagerfælleds Venner’s activism | Member

2012.       <Reproduction> Choreographed by Xavier le Roy (GR), Marten Spangberg (SW), National Modern Art Museum of Korea, <Move> Exhibition

2011.       Changmu International Dance Festival in Goyang, Choreographed by Erica Jung

2011.       <Mother & Daughter> Choreographed by Hanna Brotheus (FL), Inchon Art Platform, Community Dance program

2011.       <Bolero>, Rising Star Han Pac, Ambiguous Dance Company

2010.       <Operational Play>, Festival Bo:m, Directed by Wha-yeon Nam,

2010.      <Do Not Harm Your Ghost>, Hermes H Box, Directed by Wha-yeon Nam


Artist Residency 

2022.            K3 Hamburg Tanzplan Residency (Germany) + Seoul Dance Center Residency (Korea)

2022.            BIRCA KIDS Residency, Denmark

2015.            Raumars Residency, Finland

2013.            Odin Week Festival, Odin Theater, Holstebro, Denmark

2012.            Sunchon Artist Residence program

                   Mongol Nomadic residence program, Mongolia

2008.            Dance Web Europe Scholarship, Vienna, Austria



2020.              ‘My companion, Mushroom’, Fablab, Roskilde University( Denmark) | Lecturer

2015~7.            ArtE Academy Institute | Lecturer of ‘Integrated Art Project for teaching artists’

2012~4.            Kaewon University of Arts | Lecturer of  ‘Performance & Performing Art’, ‘Anthropology & Contemporary Art’, ‘Art & Theater’.

2010. 6 / Participant of Unesco Youth Forum, Seoul, Korea

2010 ~ 2011 / Lecturer of Art Education Camp, Seoul, Korea

2011. 4-7 / Researcher of Art Education Study Project, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity

2011. 7         Malawi – Korea Art Exchange program, Malawi

2012. 1 / Volunteer Lecturer for Kanseng School, Cambodia

2012. 3~ 2013. 12 / Lecturer of “Dance & Movement” in Sunam Secondary School, Korea

2012. 11 / Volunteer of Kyeong-Jin School for disabled children

2012. 11~ 2013. 4 / Volunteer Lecturer of “Sound and Movement” in Mental Clinic, Inchon Medical Center

2013. 12 / Art Space Pool BodyLanguage Workshop “Dance and Sound before the stage>



2022. 11. Climate Activism Performance and Sympathy, Contagions, and Wind (KR), Ecosophialab Magazine

2021. 11. Connecting Spirit & Human by dancing, singing, and acting: Interview with Korean Shaman, Sungmi Park (KR), Choom:In Dance Webzine (Seoul Dance Center)

2021. 8 & 12. Retrospecting Industrial Agriculture by Dancer’s Body: Recoil Performance Group’ Høst, Choom: In Dance Webzine (Seoul Dance Center)

2020. Rice, Ritual, and Spirits: The possibility of Plural and Sensory approach to Traditional Agricultural Knowledge, Critical Reading, 7 ½ project. 

2007~2012 / Contributing writer of Performing Art Magazine