Memory of Village_ Rauma


Memory of Village

Improvisation Dance & Movement workshop

+ Performance <Memory of Village> Project 



Place/ Tarvontori, Rauma, Finland

Time/ February 13th, Friday, 2015, 6pm


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This performance is collaboration with 5 people from Rauma.

During 6 days (3 weeks) of workshop, Yeong Ran Suh, RaumArs Artist, and 5 participants explored expression of movement with many different tools from improvisation into dance.

Ran asked these questions from the participants.

-Where is your hometown and what is the strongest impression from there?

-What is meaning of name of your hometown and related stories?

-What is your favorite place in Rauma?

-What is your worst memory in Rauma?

Participants answered these questions with exploring their own movement.


During this workshop, we shared our memories about our life in Rauma. It helped the foreign artist to understand more about Rauma and the Finnish culture.

In this performance each participant’s story and movement will be mixed and matched together with other forming images of beautiful town Rauma.




Concept: Yeong Ran Suh

Choreography: Hulda Leifdottir, Heta Haaslahti, Jenni Suominen

&Performer       Leena Uusitalo, Liza Maranan

Painter: Thore Ib Jurgensen